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Ameera Al-Taweel
Saudi Arabian Princess & Philanthropist
Robert Whitman
World Renown Photographer
Bela Fleck
16-Time Grammy Winning Banjoist

Edwin Olvera

World Renowned Artist
Artist Bio

Edwin Olvera, a proud Wisconsinite, has spread his wings far and wide. His skill and ability has been of worldwide note as he has performed and taught in locations across the globe. After attending UW-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts, Edwin joined the world renowned dance company, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, where he was an integral force in the choreographic & creation process over the course of eleven years. During this time, he was featured on countless television shows and commercial advertisements including Sesame Street, Born to Dance, and the NFL Channel. Edwin has collaborated with international artists Inbal Pinto , Basil Twist, Kent Wendeland has been featured in articles by both Dance and Dancer Magazine. In 2015 under the guidance of Olympic choreographers Gavin Robins and Leigh-Anne Vizer, Edwin was a dance captain for a team of 150 performers within the 44th national Dubai Day celebration. In 2016 he was a movement artist for Britney Spear & G-Easy at the MTV VMA's in Madison Square Garden. In December of 2017 Edwin was apart of a historical moment for Saudi Arabia, when he danced on stage with other fellow female dancers of Pilobolus for the 1st ever Western modern dance company to have both man & women sharing the stage together for an evening length production! In 2018 Edwin was apart of the creative team for the grand opening of Porsche Experience Shanghai.
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For clients who are serious about purchasing new and cutting edge artwork. See options below!
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I just love Edwin's work!
Mary EllenBeaudreau
Freelance Artist - Professional Dancer
Picking the right image for my house was quick and easy. Thanks Edwin for everything.
Penny Mardoian
Board Member for Salt Bay Chamberfest
A true artist and visionary with contemporary art! I'm so glad to have a piece of his artwork hanging within my studio's collection.
Amy Sigil
Founder of Hot Pot Studios
Simply amazing!
Robert Whitman
World renowned Photographer
Artist Statement

"I don't draw & paint on canvases, I dance on them. I take what I know as a professional dancer & choreographer and apply those concepts into my work!" Taking on paintings, drawings, props, as well as clothing. My goal is to bring the viewers into a multi-faceted realm of mental entertainment!

Repetition, circular patterns, bright colors and time restrictions is what drives me to create awesome and creative artwork. My work is a reflection of life experiences as a world renowned artist! It covers topics such as life, death, fame, humor, sex, child like innocence, depression, shamanism and extremes. All of my artwork is done under calculated time constraints.

Time constraints may seem like a detriment to most artist, but not for me. I thrive under pressure and truly enjoy its effects on my artwork. Maybe, I'm still brainwashed from my eight year service in the military
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All artwork are the original piece of contemporary art signed by Edwin Olvera and comes with a thank you message for purchasing an order. As well as a background story about the piece so you can share it with your friends, family, and guests.
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This is a 30 day return policy from the date of purchase. However, if artwork is damaged in anyway when returned back to company, then the artwork will still be charged to your account and will be sent back out to you.
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